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Some new Signatures, Wallpapers and various other things I have made on Gimp. In the summer I will add all of my cool new art I have been drawing. If you have a request for Wallpapers, Signatures or Profile pictures, even if you just want them edited, leave a message.


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Night Rain
I do not own InuYasha; As well I do own the characters that were not in the anime and manga. Which are the ones of my own creation and imagination. As well as thanks to all my readers and reviewers that has continued to be patient. I will be updating regularly which is daily like I have been doing before school started again this year. ( Wanted to post this on deviant art I do not know why.)

Chapter 2: Napping Rain
The rain lightened as to show whatever mercy they had left. The darkened sky, now pale blue as it shown itself to the forests and grounds below it.  The droplets of rain slowly slide down the thin razor leaves of the lime green plants. Plastered, white soaked with the armed water from the sky. His hair wet and filled with evidence of rain.  Continuously, receiving the skies breakdown; from both the sky itself and the body pressed against him. Black hair waving and sticking to her face and back. The kimono she was wearing was mixing with his own kimono.
Golden eyes, stared ahead as he started to walk away from the bridge. The lessened rain, would only add to the coldness, of the night if he was to dash off through the trees that lay ahead. He slowly closed his eyes as he let the rhythm that the rain was playing sooth his ears. Soon, he came to a slow stop in front of a puddle, the rippling do to the constant impact. Reflecting, the image of a murky shadow holding something in its arms; then a splash and the puddle was interrupted abruptly. Black shoes continued the trek to an unknown destination.
The snare in his arms began to shake suddenly, warranting his attention as he clutched her closer to him to keep her body warm. Sliding down the sides of his face and over his eyes, the drizzling rain continued. Eventually, the steal gates, that seemed so large compared to them as the rain manipulated the distortion of reality.
Stepping through, water seeping in his pants legs as eh continued to walk through. Sharp eyes from above eyed him from the opposite side of a window. The napping kitten in his arms, unknowing to what occurred the , and the actuality of it all.


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i am mixeed with white black japanese and irish. I like manga like Inuyasha, Fairy Tail, Naruto ect. I llike to draw manga, i like draw period and i love to write and create.

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